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Select & Solo

Select All by Object Type

Select F-Curves based on the type of objects they animate.

Users can specify object types such as Meshes, Curves, Surfaces, Metaballs, Text, Point Clouds, Force Fields, Volumes, Grease Pencil, Armatures, Lattices, Empties, Lights, Cameras, Speakers, or Materials, and fine-tune the selection by opting to select F-curves, keyframes, and their respective handles.

Solo All by Object Type

Only show F-Curves based on the type of objects they animate.

Select F-Curves by Left/Right Side

Allows you to conveniently choose F-curves based on their side, providing precise control over your animation elements. This feature is particularly useful for animations where distinguishing between left and right sides is crucial.

Supported Side-Naming Conventions

Left Side: “_L”, “.l”, “-l”, ” LEFT”, “Left”, “L”
Right Side: “_R”, “.r”, “-r”, ” RIGHT”, “Right”, “R”

Select Random F-Curves

Selection Type

Determines how the random selection will be handled.
New: Deselects all F-curves and creates a new selection by type.
Add: Adds selection by type to the existing selection.


Selects the randomization mode.
Visible Objects: Randomizes by visible objects.
Visible F-Curves: Randomizes by visible F-curves.

Object Type

Specifies the type of object for randomization.


Sets the percentage of F-curves to select.

Random Seed

Sets the seed value for the random selection.

Select F-Curves

Toggles the selection of F-Curves.

Select Keyframes

Toggles the selection of keyframe points.

Select Left Handles

Toggles the selection of left handles of keyframes.

Select Right Handles

Toggles the selection of right handles of keyframes.

Select Objects/Pose Bones from Selected F-Curves

Select objects or bones directly from F-Curves, eliminating guesswork and streamlining animation adjustments.

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