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Channel Toggles

Graph Editor Toggles

Toggle All Pins

Maintain precise control over your animation curves with the ability to toggle pins, ensuring keyframes stay firmly in place or allowing for subtle adjustments as needed. This command empowers you to manipulate animation curves with precision, enhancing the overall quality of your project.

Hide All F-Curves

Keep your workspace clean and focused by toggling the visibility of F-curves, reducing clutter and streamlining your editing process. By hiding all F-Curves with a simple command, you can maintain a clear view of your animation, enhancing productivity and efficiency.

Toggle All Modifiers

Gain control over your animation’s behavior by easily enabling or disabling modifiers, fine-tuning their effects to suit your creative vision. With this command, you can experiment with different modifier configurations, achieving the desired animation style with ease.

Mute All F-Curves

Disable unwanted animation channels with a single click, allowing you to focus on specific aspects of your animation without distraction.

Lock All F-Curves

Ensure your animation stays on track by locking F-Curves in place, preventing accidental modifications and maintaining consistency. With this command, you can safeguard your animation from unintended changes, providing peace of mind during the editing process.

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