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The Align Keyframes operator arranges selected Keyframes or entire F-Curves in a straight line based on a specified mode (Minimum, Center, and Maximum). This feature can be used to synchronize the motion in animations.

Redo Panel

Align Keyframes Redo Panel


  • Selected F-Curves: Targets all keyframes of selected F-Curves.
  • Selected Keyframes: Targets only the selected keyframes.
  • Playback Range: Targets keyframes within the current playback range.

Align Mode

  • Minimum: Aligns keyframes to the minimum keyframe value.
  • Center: Aligns keyframes to the average (center) keyframe value.
  • Maximum: Aligns keyframes to the maximum keyframe value.


  • X: Align keyframes on the X Dimension.
  • Y: Align keyframes on the Y Dimension.


The amount by which to align each F-Curve’s keyframes, as a percentage of the distance to the target frame. 100% means full alignment to the target value, while 0% means no alignment.

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