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GraphKit is an essential tool for animating in Blender! With 10 powerful features saving you loads of steps, it is guaranteed to become an integral part of your animation workflow.

The features are:

  • Align – a feature for synchronizing keyframe positions to a specified alignment in animations.
  • Amplify – a feature for adjusting the intensity of your animations.
  • Distribute – a command for creating even timing between keyframes.
  • Fade – for fading in and out animations using standard ease functions
  • Flatten Holds – flatten just the hold keyframes in an F-Curve
  • Offset – overlap your F-Curves without needing to extend their length
  • Perfect Loop – match your loop’s start & end frames perfectly
  • Randomize – a polishing tool for giving organic randomness to animation loops
  • Range to Loop – Set your scene’s Preview and/or Frame Range to a multiple of your loop’s length for seamless playback
  • Repeat – for looping entire F-Curves or selected keyframes simultaneously.
  • Tween – a simple, easy-to-use slider for creating anticipation, breakdowns, and overshoots.


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