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Copy & Paste Ease

Copy & Paste Ease

Copy Ease

Copy Ease will copy the ease data of the active F-Curve’s selected keyframes. If you want, you can also copy the ease of just one keyframe and paste it to many other keyframes. When Copy Ease is clicked, you’ll see how many keyframes were copied in Blender’s Status Bar.

Paste Ease

Ideally, your target F-Curve(s) will either share the same number of keyframes as the source F-Curve or only one keyframe was copied from the source F-Curve. If the number of copied keyframes and target keyframes don’t match, Paste Ease will use as many of the copied keyframes as possible.


If you have just one object selected or your property is not animatable, you won’t see the Key Selected Object options.

Pasting Ease with one keyframe copied

Redo Panel

The options for this operation will appear in the Redo Panel at the bottom left of the Graph Editor. The options are:

Handle Angles

Paste the handle’s angles along with the Ease.

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