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It is a very good idea to keep up to date with your add-ons in the Ultimate Animators Bundle. New bug fixes and features are added regularly. Fortunately, the add-ons can check for updates automatically.

Blastframe Add-on Preferences
  1. Documentation links to this online manual
  2. Use this ‘Report a Bug’ button to get support with Blastframe products
  3. Uninstall the add-on
  4. Enable this checkbox and your Add-on will automatically check for updates by the frequency you specify in the Frequency (weeks) field.
  5. Change the frequency of auto-checks for updates to the add-on.
  6. This button manually will check for updates and tell you if you’re up-to-date or needing to visit the store where you purchased the add-on to download the latest version (see image below)
  7. Link to the Blastframe website.
  8. Link to the Blender Market website.

If your add-on has been checked for updates and one exists, this icon will appear.

Update Required Icon

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