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Windows/macOS Installer

Windows & macOS users have a choice of using the Ultimate Animators Bundle Installer (Ultimate Animators Bundle Installer [version number] – WIN.exe or Ultimate Animators Bundle Installer [version number] – MAC.app, respectively) or installing the Add-ons manually by extracting them from the Ultimate_Animators_Bundle_[version number]_EXTRACT_ME.zip file. The installer application is much easier to use because it not only installs all of the Ultimate Animators Bundle Add-ons all at once, but also for every Blender installation that you specify.

Installer Instructions

Ultimate Animators Bundle Installer

Double click the .exe and follow the instructions. The installer will locate your Blender installations’ addons folders once you locate the Blender folder in your AppData (Windows)/Application Support (macOS) folder. After that, you may specify to which installations you wish to install the Ultimate Animators Bundle.

Once the installer has finished, if it’s your first time installing the add-ons, you’ll still need to Enable them in the Blender preferences. To do so, in Blender, go to Edit > Preferences > Add-ons. Search for ‘Blastframe’ then check all of the checkboxes next to the Ultimate Animators Bundle add-ons.

Zip Installation


  1. Extract the Ultimate Animators Bundle .zip file (Ultimate_Animators_Bundle_[version number]_EXTRACT_ME.zip).
    1. Windows Right-clicking the .zip file and choosing “Extract All…”. Windows Explorer will create a folder directory in the same folder as the .zip file.
    2. macOS Double-click the .zip file. The unzipped item appears in the same folder as the .zip file.
    3. Ubuntu Right-click the .zip file and choose “Extract here”. Ubuntu will create a folder directory in the same folder as the .zip file.
  2. Inside this folder are all of the Ultimate Animators Bundle add-ons. Remember this location for the following installation steps.


  1. Open Blender
  2. Go to Edit > Preferences
  3. In the Blender Preferences window, first click on the Add-ons tab, then the Install Button
  4. Navigate to the extracted .zip folder from the Extract steps in the above section.
  5. Select each one of the Add-ons and click the button ‘Install Add-on’
  6. When it appears after loading in the Preferences window, enable the Add-on with the checkbox next to its name.
  7. Repeat for each add-on.

Congratulations, you’ve installed the Ultimate Animators Bundle!

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