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Customizing the Panel

Go Panel Preferences

Go Panel preferences can be found in the Blender Add-on Preferences. To access them, go to the Edit menu > Preferences.

Blender Preferences

Select Add-ons from the left-side menu (1, image below). Then search for ‘Go Panel’ in the search bar (2, image below).

Blender Add-on Preferences

Mode Labels

Mode Labels in the Go Panel

By default, the different modes are labeled in the user interface. To disable the labels in the Go Panel, you can use the Mode Labels toggle in the Add-on preferences (screenshot, below).

Mode Labels Toggle

Button Size

Button Size slider

You can set the Button Size with the Button Size slider. To change the icon size, use the + and – keys of the numpad while hovering over the Go Panel in the 3D View.


Columns slider

You can set the number of columns in the Go Panel with the Columns slider. Set the value to 1 for a minimal horizontal layout or go up to as high as 16 columns. Setting the value to 0 will use Blender’s auto column layout.

Revert to Defaults, Activate All, Deactivate All

Revert to Defaults, Activate All, & Deactivate All Buttons

The Go Panel Add-on Preferences include three buttons for your convenience in setting up the user interface to your specifications. Revert to Defaults uses a few tools for each special mode. If you prefer many buttons, you can use Activate All to start with all buttons active. If you prefer fewer buttons, you can use Deactivate All to start with no buttons active.

Mode & Tool Toggles

Mode & Tool Toggle Buttons

To customize the Go Panel, start by selecting the object type on the left-hand side (1, image above). Not all objects have special modes, however all objects have an Object mode. The objects with special modes are listed below Object.

When an object type is active, the special modes available and their tools will display on the right-hand side (2 & 3, image above). Toggle an entire mode with the Mode Toggle (2, image above). Toggle individual tools with the Tool Toggle buttons (3, image above).

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