Grease Pencil: Design is a Blender add-on that adds the missing graphic design tools found in popular design software, allowing users to align, distribute, and arrange points, strokes, and layers for creating designs in Grease Pencil. It also offers bevel and merge point features to help manage stroke points. In addition, is a convenient Layer Menu with options to add Layers without ‘Use Lights’ enabled, Select Layer Content, Merge Selected Layers, and Delete Empty Layers.

Grease Pencil: Design is a powerful add-on for Blender that helps users create professional designs in Grease Pencil. While it may be tempting to import designs as .SVG files, Grease Pencil’s limited support for SVG properties can make this process challenging. That’s where Grease Pencil: Design comes in, offering a variety of tools commonly found in other design software to make Grease Pencil a viable option for graphic design.

One of the standout features of Grease Pencil: Design is Align, which allows users to align points, strokes, or layers based on their position in the 2D camera view. This feature can be used in “Relative” mode to align objects as a group, or in “Absolute” mode to treat each element individually. Align objects to the view, align objects to the selection, or align the 3D cursor.

Another key feature is Distribute, which makes it easy to distribute points, strokes, or layers using their edges. For example, you can distribute strokes using their top edges to create a consistent look and feel for your design. Additionally, the Distribute Space command creates equal spacing between the selected elements, making it easy to achieve a clean and polished design.

Grease Pencil: Design also offers a 2D Arrange feature, which works even when the “Stroke Depth Order” is set to “3D Location.” This allows you to easily arrange and organize your designs, making it simple to manage complex projects.

Outside of the Grease Pencil: Design panel, Grease Pencil: Design also includes the Bevel and Merge Points features in the Grease Pencil Point menu. Bevel softens the sharp corners of your shapes by the number of points you specify, and Merge Points lets you manage your stroke points with Merge to First, Merge to Center, and Merge to Last operators.

Finally, Grease Pencil: Design includes a convenient layer context menu that combines existing Grease Pencil Layer functions with new ones like Add New Layers (with “Use Lights” disabled!), Select Layer Content, Merge Selected Layers, Delete Empty Layers¬†and more.

Overall, Grease Pencil: Design is an excellent option for anyone looking to create professional designs in Blender. With a range of powerful features and tools, this add-on makes it easy to achieve high-quality results with ease. If you want to make designs in Blender’s Grease Pencil, Grease Pencil: Design is a must-have add-on!


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CompatibilityBlender 2.8+