Blastframe’s GraphKit Add-on is an essential tool for animating in Blender! With 11 powerful features saving you loads of steps, it is guaranteed to become an integral part of your animation workflow.

The features are:

  • Amplify – a feature for adjusting the intensity of your animations.
  • Distribute – a command for creating even timing between keyframes.
  • Divide– subdivide and add hold frames to your F-Curves.
  • Fade – for fading in and out animations using standard ease functions
  • Flatten Holds – flatten just the hold keyframes in an F-Curve *
  • Offset – overlap your F-Curves without needing to extend their length *
  • Perfect Loop – match your loop’s start & end frames perfectly *
  • Randomize – a polishing tool for giving organic randomness to animation loops
  • Range to Loop – Set your scene’s Preview and/or Frame Range to a multiple of your loop’s length for seamless playback *
  • Repeat – for looping entire F-Curves or selected keyframes simultaneously.
  • Tween – a simple, easy-to-use slider for creating anticipation, breakdowns, and overshoots.

* New Feature. Learn more in the below video

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CompatibilityBlender 2.8+