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To use Overlap, simply:

Adding Overlap
  1. Set keyframes for the properties you wish to overlap on one layer or shape group.
  2. Select the layers or shape groups you wish to overlap. For Layers, the order in which you select your layers will determine the order of the Overlap. The first selection will be your animation’s Driver. For Shapes, the stacking order of the shapes will determine the order of the Overlap. The top shape will be your animation’s Driver.
  3. Click the OVERLAP button.
  4. An ‘Overlap-Shared Properties’ window will open with all of the properties shared by the items you have selected. Add/Remove properties from the Overlap with the ON and OFF buttons. If you click the Preferences icon at the top-right of the window (a gear shape), you can choose options for the expressions and controls Overlap creates.
  5. Click the ‘OK’ button.
  6. When the script has run, you can adjust your Overlap with the controls that have been added to your Driver layer.
Adjust the Overlap with the Effect Controls of the Driver Layer

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