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Have you wanted to edit multiple keyframes and their handles simultaneously in the Graph Editor user interface? Like many other parts of Blender, editing multiple things at once can be difficult! In the Graph Editor, you can’t see or modify any contextual menus when you Box Select keyframes.

Now there’s an Add-on that makes this possible: Keys. Box Select your keyframes and edit them in the user interface.

Keys Panel Includes:

  • Interpolation (Constant, Linear, Bezier)
  • Key Frame (whole or subframe)
  • Key Values
  • Left Handle Type (Free, Aligned, Vector, Automatic, Auto Clamped)
  • Left Handle Frame
  • Left Handle Value
  • Left Handle Length
  • Right Handle Type (Free, Aligned, Vector, Automatic, Auto Clamped)
  • Right Handle Frame
  • Right Handle Value
  • Right Handle Length

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