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Grease Pencil: Design is an essential add-on for Blender users looking to create high-quality motion designs using Grease Pencil. While you can import designs from other programs as .SVG files, it can be challenging to get them to look as intended due to the lack of support for many SVG properties. Fortunately, Grease Pencil: Design solves this issue by adding missing design features to Blender.

One of the most useful tools in Grease Pencil: Design is the Align Tool, which allows you to align points, strokes, or layers based on their positions in the 2D camera view. You can align them as a group in Relative mode or treat each element individually in Absolute mode. Align objects to the view, selection, or 3D cursor for precise placement.

The Distribute tool in Grease Pencil: Design allows you to distribute points, strokes, or layers using their edges. This feature is particularly useful for creating even spacing between selected elements.

Grease Pencil: Design also offers a 2D Arrange feature that works even when the Stroke Depth Order is set to 3D Location. This allows for flexible design options and greater creativity.

Additionally, Grease Pencil: Design includes the Bevel and Merge Points features in the Grease Pencil Point menu. Bevel softens the sharp corners of your shapes by the number of points you specify, and Merge Points lets you manage your stroke points with Merge to First, Merge to Center, and Merge to Last operators.

Finally, Grease Pencil: Design includes a convenient layer context menu that combines existing Grease Pencil Layer functions with new ones like Add New Layers with Use Lights disabled, Select Layer Content, Merge Selected Layers, and Delete Empty Layers.

With Grease Pencil: Design, you can create stunning motion designs in Blender with ease. Subscribe to Blastframe on YouTube and visit blastframe.com for more news and special offers on the latest products.


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