“Follow Actions” in Select (Cinema 4D Character Picker Plugin)

In the Cinema 4D Character Picker plugin Select, "Follow Actions" are commands that run after you select a button in your picker. Follow actions can greatly speed up your animation workflow by automating common tasks (e.g. switching to the Move tool, resetting transforms). Furthermore, they can run Python scripts for tasks common to character rigs like IK to FK switching, removing expressions and speeding up your rig's playback. Learn more about them in this tutorial!

0:00 - Intro
0:15 - Move
0:42 - Rotate
1:29 - None
2:29 - Reset Defaults
3:22 - Set User Data Defaults
4:10 - Select Modified
4:54 - Toggle Visibility
5:37 - Toggle Generator Enable
6:17 - Python

VACBOT rig by Rich Nosworthy
Bed music by Bad Snacks
Sound effect from Zapsplat.com

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