Character Rigs and Overlap (After Effects Script)

Animating an After Effects character rig, you'll want to keep in mind Disney's 12 Basic Principles of Animation. It is difficult to make changes to overlapping action & follow-through if you're doing it manually. However, with Overlap, you can drive the overlapping action of many layers with just one layer's keyframes. By watching this video, you'll learn how easy it is to create overlap in an an After Effects character rig with Overlap.

Software Required: After Effects CC+, Overlap

0:00 Adding Puppet Pins to Limbs
2:04 Adding Bones with Duik
3:07 Parenting Bones
3:38 Positioning Limbs
4:07 Parenting Limbs to Head
4:30 Animating arm swings
5:10 Adding Overlap & Ease to Arms
11:26 Phasing the Arms
11:52 Previewing the Animation
13:04 Overlap & IK Controls
13:30 Adding Puppet Pins to the Antenna
14:17 Adding Bones with Duik
14:38 Parenting Bones
14:53 Adding a Controller with Duik
15:06 Positioning Antenna
16:19 Adding IK with Duik
17:14 Overlap to Antenna
19:02 Final Product

Music: Ben Sound 'Dance'

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