Octane for Cinema 4D Tutorial: Procedural Rust, Worn Paint, & more

This is a tutorial using Octane for Cinema 4D. It demonstrates the creation of procedural materials (Rust, Worn Paint, and Water Stains) using a custom dirt map.

** This video is from 2014. Octane has changed a lot from the version in this tutorial (2.01.00). However, many of the concepts still apply. **

0:00 Intro
0:18 Using Noise with the DirtMap
1:30 Regular Dirtmap
2:58 Dirtmap with Noise
4:18 Rust
13:58 Worn Paint
17:18 Mildew/Water Stains

For more information on Octane, visit Otoy.
For more information on Cinema 4D, visit Maxon.

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