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User Interface

To run the Delete Static Channels command, in the Graph Editor’s menu bar, go to Channel > Delete Static Channels. Optionally, you can use the keyboard shortcut ‘D’.

Delete Static Channels is at the bottom of the Channel Menu in the Graph Editor

Redo Panel

The options for this operation will appear in the Redo Panel at the bottom left of the Graph Editor. The Options are:

Delete Static Channels Redo Panel

Channel Filter

This dropdown option allows you to specify which channels get deleted.

  • All: deletes any F-Curve meeting the other Redo Panel criteria. This option is effective, but also will delete Poses from the Pose Library, so use with caution.
  • Selected Objects/Bones: This option will only delete the static F-Curve channels of selected objects or bones in Pose Mode.
  • Selected F-Curves: This option will only delete the static F-Curve channels of the selected F-Curves.
  • Visible F-Curves: The default setting. It will only delete channels in the Graph Editor whose visibility is enabled.

Keep Modifier Channels

Enabling this option will protect F-Curve channels from deletion when they have an F-Curve Modifier. This is useful when channels have only one keyframe but get their animation values from Modifiers like Noise, Built-In Function, etc..

Min. Key Count

This is the minimum number of keyframes an F-Curve must have to avoid deletion. For example, it can be used to clean up channels when there are keyframes on all channels for Default Poses on Frame 0 or negative frame values.

Min. Difference

Allows you to specify the minimum difference keyframes must have to avoid deletion. This helps you delete F-Curves whose keyframes have a negligible change in value.

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